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Apple Hill Lou Ann Lenner CoulNewfs
Beeler, Karin Ebbtide Kennels and Stables Bonnie Bear
Eeyore Newfoundlands - Holland De l'Ilisde et l'Odyssee Newfoundland Empyree Newfoundlands - Holland
Pandaga - Jacqueline Brellochs Crestmont kennels Davidson, Diane
The Newfie G.L.A. Terranova Bit O Heaven
Kaylar Kingdom of Newfies Nashau-Auke Kennel
Riverhouse Newfs - Cathy Sands Seneca Kerrie-Anne Peck
Sweetbay Newfoundlands Sun Valley Gentle Giants of Sealand
Tanner's Home Page Wiesblott, Barbara Springhaven
Wildman, Ken Newf Corp - New Zealand Little Bay - Germany


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