Newfoundland Rescue

Newfoundland Rescue takes Newfoundlands that are no longer wanted in their current home and places them in new pre-screened homes

Rescue in the USA

Newfoundland Rescue in the USA is done primarily thorough the Newfoundland Club of America. There are many regional clubs who operate under the umbrella of the NCA. Most regional clubs have Rescue Committees who work hard at caring for the unwanted Newfoundlands. They are always looking for foster homes, volunteers to help groom dogs, screen homes, drive dogs to and from the vet or their new homes. Most dogs need some sort of remedial training and lots of love to remind them that they are wanted and cared for. Foster homes are often the first time the dog has received any acknowledgment since they were a "cute little bear of a puppy".

Dogs Available for Adoption

These are dogs that I have heard of or seen in a regional Newsletter as available. These dogs are in the USA unless noted otherwise.


Regional Clubs Rescue Committees on the WWW

International Newfoundland Rescue

Independent Rescue and All-breed Rescue

All Breed Rescue Page

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