High Country Newfoundland Club

This is not an official site of HCNC

High Country Newfoundland Club serves Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. We also have members in South Dakota and Nebraska and do not limit membership by geographical area. But, only the folks in the 3-state area that we "officially" serve may become general members and vote at club meetings.

We do carting in Denver between Thanksgiving and Christmas on the weekends as a club fund raiser. We also have a water test in the fall and a draft test in the spring. We do lots of pot lucks (yep, we love to eat) and have various programs throughout the year. We hosted the national specialty in 1984 and 1989.

You may contact the club at hicountrynewfs @ hotmail.com (take out the spaces)

The Newfoundland Club of America maintains a list of local contacts for information on the Newfoundland Dog.

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